End of USA Vacation

If you heard anything about our summer, you probably know there wasn’t actually much vacationing going on.  We kept busy between working, visiting with family/friends, and trying to be a part of a church community.  It felt like the whole summer lead up to the last week we were in the US.  All in one  read more

Labors and Neighbors

When I finished working at camp, Burke and I spent a few more days in the Bay Area and then headed down to Fresno for a surgery that Lisa, my mother-in-law, was having. When she came home from the hospital, Burke had to go back to work for a couple days while I stayed and  read more

Mozel tov, Mozel tov!

Our time is winding down and it’s starting to become very apparent that we won’t be here much longer.  Well, sort of.  I finished my last week at camp on Friday; it was really fun to be back in the camp environment again, and I got to teach quite a few really sweet kids. Two  read more

Arriving in California

We’re here!  At long last we are in a slightly more permanent temporary living situation!  Although we’re still living out of suitcases and probably will be all summer, it’s really nice to have something kind of like our own space. When we arrived in LA, Burke’s cousin Dale picked us up from the airport and took us  read more

First Impressions of Home: Ohio Edition

Hello Everyone! It’s strange to write from the other side of the world; I feel like I”m writing to everyone I know in Europe now instead of the US.  But no, this post is just a quick update for anyone who will read it. Burke and I made it in last night just a few  read more

Ideme domov!!

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time.  In fact, it’s had this title since I first learned what it meant- We’re going home.  I hear it at the beginning of the year until the kids learn to say the phrase in English. I have a ridiculously mixed up amount of emotions  read more