We’ll be home for Christmas

We’re coming home for the holidays! In a few hours, we’ll be leaving our apartment to head to the airport, and just 65 (ish) hours later, we’ll be in my hometown. Please pray for safe travels and for enough sleep to sustain us along the way.  read more

Welcome to the world, Ephraim!

Well, we have a little announcement in the form of this sweet guy! His name is Ephraim (Eff-rhem) Clark Shartsis and he was born on April 11th at 6:50 pm.  read more

Life as we know it: April 2015

We are so excited about our future right now. In the coming days our lives will dramatically and forever change for the good, so we wanted to take this moment of stillness to share a bit of what 2015 has looked like so far as a testimony to God’s amazing provision in the midst of this non-traditional life.  read more

It’s a baby!

There are a millions words to say about this, but I’m not sure which ones are best. It’s big news and we are excited to get to share it with you.  read more

We’re coming to see you!

A lot has happened since we last saw you! Before we left for Thailand, our lives were going full-speed ahead, and to tell you the truth, things haven’t really slowed down since.  read more

This guy

A few weeks ago I had the chance to go to lunch with Burke’s Thai class. When talking with some of the girls, one of them told me, “We all think Burke loves you so much. We really admire you.” I know I am blessed, here’s why…  read more