You may have heard whisperings of our news, but we’re coming home for the holidays! In a few hours, we’ll be leaving our apartment to head to the airport, and just 65(ish) hours later, we’ll be in my hometown. Please pray for safe travels and for enough sleep to sustain us along the way. Lately, Ephraim has been testing out his singing voice for the flight… should be fun!

While in the US, we’ll be in Ohio from December 17th – January 12th, and we’ll also be in the San Francisco Bay Area from January 12th – 19th. We have several speaking engagements lined up, details for which we’ll be providing in our next (members-only*) post, but if you’d like to have us share with any groups you may be a part of, please let us know. Because our on-stage time will be brief, we’d love to meet up and talk one-on-one about how you can be a part of our team! If you’re not local to Ohio or California, but you’ve been encouraged by our stories,  please consider signing up to partner with us or connecting with us in another way.

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Merry Christmas