Trip through Ohio

I have to admit, although we had a fun and sometimes action-packed trip through Ohio, I didn’t do a lot to collect photographic evidence of the many events. What I will do is share a few of our highlights along with just a handful of the photos I did manage to capture.  read more

Stateside, so far

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already half way though our time back in the good ol’ US of A. We have been incredibly blessed to visit with friends and family in LA, Fresno, the SF Bay Area, Chicago and now Ohio. Some of our stopovers were so fast, and we sincerely apologize if we were not able to connect with you in the way we wanted, but we are hoping that gives you a greater excuse to visit us in Thailand.  read more

Six tips to get your husband to shave that unfortunate beard

In case you missed the news, we leave bright and early Friday morning to make our way back to the US for almost two full months. But unfortunately if you were expecting this handsome fellow to show up for a visit, you’ve got another thing coming…  read more

The wood anniversary

For our 5 year anniversary, Burke and I got go to a nearby island to celebrate. We were able to see all the main sights of the island and catch some great views along the way.  read more

On Tuesdays we wear pink

Well, I’ve been in Thailand long enough now that I am able to poke some fun at the silly things people in this country do. Don’t get me wrong, the US isn’t better for not observing these norms, but I often get a kick out of discovering what, how and why Thai people think the way they do.  read more

This guy

A few weeks ago I had the chance to go to lunch with Burke’s Thai class. When talking with some of the girls, one of them told me, “We all think Burke loves you so much. We really admire you.” I know I am blessed, here’s why…  read more