It’s hard to believe, but we’re already half way though our time back in the good ol’ US of A. We have been incredibly blessed to visit with friends and family in LA, Fresno, the SF Bay Area, Chicago and now Ohio.  Some of our stopovers were so brief, and we sincerely apologize if we were not able to connect with you in a more meaningful way, but we are hoping that gives you a greater excuse to visit us in Thailand.

While in the Bay Area, we had the incredible opportunity to share with not only our church in Alameda/Berkeley, but another church we got hooked up with through a friend in Sunnyvale.

While our two weeks in CA felt a little rushed, it was so packed.  A few photo highlights are below.

  1. Burke, bringing the thunder for as he spoke at an event held at UC Berkeley.
  2. No trip to SF would be complete without a trip to my old stomping ground and favorite produce market in San Francisco.
  3. A surprise baby shower in CA. I was legitimately so surprised when we walked in that I thought the party was for my friend Val whose birthday was the day before!
  4. A slightly less surprising (inside joke), but no less fun birthday dinner.  Take extra special notice of the couple on the left who hosted us in their home for 10+ days, allowed us to use their car on more than one occasion and fed us with an endless supply of fresh figs straight from their tree!
  5. Just a glimpse of the beauty we experienced in CA, taken at our dear friends’ ranch the morning we left Fresno.