Some call it “Re-entry”

I promised you a post on culture shock and boy are things different.  It’s evidenced right now as I’ve reduced what used to be one of my favorite hobbies –blogging– to typing out a post on my iPhone on my  morning commute. Culture shock number one: time. While we were in Slovakia and even India  read more

The Darjeeling Conundrum

Perhaps you’ve heard of Darjeeling. Maybe you know it for its tea. Maybe you know it for the movie. Or if you’re really up on your B+L trivia, you might know it as the final and current destination of our India tour. Well, let me tell you something interesting about this city: it’s FREEZING. Literally,  read more

Kites & Bananas

I have a few quick stories for you.  It seems almost daily something peculiar catches my attention, few instances are blogged about, but when I find myself experiencing the same odd thing twice, I just have to write about.  This first anecdote is exactly one of those. On one of our first days in this  read more

No, Slovakia hasn’t eaten us alive…

Things are changing, things are changing.  Not only has Burke redesigned our website (do you like it?), but we are introducing a new page to our blog.  The YWAM page.  It isn’t currently, but very soon it will be password protected.  We’ll tell you why on that page, but please, please, please leave a comment  read more

2010 in Review + New Year’s Resolutions

Lately I’ve been toying with the idea of making New Year’s resolutions and you know what? I think I might actually do it. Before I let you in on my goals, lets recap what’s happened over the last year. The most exciting place to start is in our traveling. Here’s a recap (in photos, because  read more

Christmas Day

Our Christmas started late, embarrassingly late, so late that we had to really focus on being ready for the Christmas party at 2pm. Bones and I went for a quick run and then I immediately started preparing our two bring-along dishes. The first dish was “typical me”- a buckwheat, tomato, onion and avocado salad. Burke  read more