Slovak Christmas

Wahoo- it’s finally Christmas!  I just finished my last private English lesson (which Burke came along for since he had NO excuse not to) and now I am officially free. By the way, here we are.  I picked out this nice melon-colored shirt for Burke, coincidentally I also happened to buy a sweater the exact  read more

No Means Yes

This post may look long, but its not, and there’s a surprise in it if you read all the way to the end:) It may be spring in your part of the world but we are actually still waiting on it here.  Maybe it’s that pesky volcano, but we have experienced a month long span  read more

A Culinary Mirage

Here in Banska Bystrica there is a relatively new shopping mall called Europa that was built within the last 2 years. Like most malls, there is a food court that Slovaks oddly enjoy. So when we asked for a good place to go out for dinner and it was recommended, we met the thought with  read more