Bye bye Europe

We had a mangled array of activities during the last few weeks of our program.  It was pretty fun, I love organized variety.  We went to Austria for a couple days. When we came back it was just a couple days until we had our graduation! Maybe you know, but our last few days in  read more

Our next step…

Alright, I admit it. I’ve fallen off the blogging boat.  Obviously, we knew this would happen.  Going from India back to Slovakia, it is easy to just live life thinking that there isn’t much to share.  In doing so, I have completely neglected to tell you all what we are doing next! Right now, what  read more

No, Slovakia hasn’t eaten us alive…

Things are changing, things are changing.  Not only has Burke redesigned our website (do you like it?), but we are introducing a new page to our blog.  The YWAM page.  It isn’t currently, but very soon it will be password protected.  We’ll tell you why on that page, but please, please, please leave a comment  read more

Ideme domov!!

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time.  In fact, it’s had this title since I first learned what it meant- We’re going home.  I hear it at the beginning of the year until the kids learn to say the phrase in English. I have a ridiculously mixed up amount of emotions  read more

The Last Battle

Actually there’s no battle, no fight of any kind really.  This post is titled The Last Battle, because that is the name of the final book in CS Lewis’s Narnia series.  It brings the stories of Narnia to an end, just like our time at Zš Narnia is coming to an end. We’ve  had so  read more

Prvy April

I’ve had a little list going lately of what I want to tell you all.  The trouble is, my lists are always coded and eventually misplaced.  So when I finally compile my lists and sit down to write a post, I only remember what half of my chicken scratch abbreviations actually meant.  Regardless, here goes.  read more