Alright, I admit it.

I’ve fallen off the blogging boat.  Obviously, we knew this would happen.  Going from India back to Slovakia, it is easy to just live life thinking that there isn’t much to share.  In doing so, I have completely neglected to tell you all what we are doing next!

Right now, what is going on is that we are finishing up our program (If you are thinking what program? then you should read about it here.)  We only have about a week before our graduation, but we are filling every moment of our free time between now and when we leave with our respective creative projects- maybe our next post will even direct you to a new video or website to check out!

So what’s really next?  Well, we have a lot of big dreams that we aren’t really ready to share.  I think that’s why I haven’t yet.  But I can tell you the logistics that we know.  On March 28th, we will be returning to the U.S, indefinitely. To our surprise, we feel like this is God’s next step for us.  Like last summer, we will start out in Ohio making our rounds and catching up so please email us if you want to get together!  We want to see you and we will be there for much longer than the short 2 weeks of last summer.

How much longer?  We can’t say exactly, but we will probably be heading to CA mid-May. From there we will begin the most normal life we will have had, and I am thrilled.  We’re not promising any permanent settling down, but you are guaranteed to be seeing a lot more of us in at least the next year than you have in the last three.  So, get excited, we are.

This guy is excited too!