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Big change requires a big heart

When someone is given a heart for injustice and a desire to change the world, there are really only two options: do something or do nothing. We feel so called to action by the need around us and the examples of compassion in our lives, that we are moved to try our best to make a difference. After taking a necessary break to pay off school loans and reconnect with our family and friends, we are excited to venture back out into the world. It’s our hope to live out our calling to serve with our giftings in a way that will have lasting effects.

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A Catalyst for transformation

While we’ve loved every minute we’ve spent working with gypsies, lepers and elementary school students, we are excited to embark on a new adventure to help empower people whose lives have been broken by trafficking and prostitution. We know that this journey will be challenging each day, but we trust that we’ve been equipped for this calling. We are looking forward to calling Thailand home over the next couple years.

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As we go forth and try our best to share the love we’ve been shown, it is our hope that this space will help us connect with friends, family and anyone else who has a desire to do the same. We hope that in reading a few sentences, you have found something that resonates with your heart, with your desire to do something, and we invite you to join us in making a difference.

We are honored that you are interested in supporting us in this adventure. Through your generous giving, we are able to continue to be your hands and feet in Thailand. We are also happy to announce that as of December 2015 all donations are now tax deductable.

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