We had a mangled array of activities during the last few weeks of our program.  It was pretty fun, I love organized variety.  We went to Austria for a couple days.

When we came back it was just a couple days until we had our graduation!

Maybe you know, but our last few days in Slovakia were actually spent in England.  When we came back, our friend Janko picked us up from the airport.

Despite having made at least four or five trips through Bratislava before, Burke felt like we’ve never really seen the city.  So he asked Janko if he’d give us a tour before we went back to his apartment with him.  Since Janko is such a super nice friend (and single, fyi ladies), he agreed to give us a midnight tour of the capital city of the country we’ve called home.

Janko was a great tour guide.  For some buildings and streets he knew the details and history, but other times he met my questions with colorful answers.

Me: Hey, Janko, what’s that a statue of?
Janko: A soldier.

Me: Janko, what is this building known for?
Janko: People work there.

A bridge.

While we were finishing our program, I spent most of my free time working on two videos and going to the gym.  If you haven’t watched the videos yet, you can find them here.  The gym was small, primitive, and inexpensive, so it worked out just fine.  I really got a kick out of the power button on this machine.

Here’s my last funny thing from Slovakia.  When we came back, there was a sign out at the bar across the street from our home.  They were having a happy hour-type promotion where you could pay only 45 euro cents (60 US cents or so) for a shot of hard alcohol between the hours of 8 and 9 am.

For those of you who like to get an early start on the day, I guess…

Maybe you haven’t heard this story yet, but on our way home we were asked if we would like to be bumped to a later flight meaning we would get accommodation in London for a night AND 500 USD each.  Boom, sign us up.  In the end, they didn’t need to bump us, but they gave us first class seats for being willing.  It was amazing, especially since it was the longest leg of our journey.

I decided riding coach is for chumps and I’m never going to do it again….  yeah, I wish.

In the next post, I’ll tell you about what we’re up to in Ohio; but for now, this concludes this portion of our amazing overseas adventures.