2010 in Review + New Year’s Resolutions

Lately I’ve been toying with the idea of making New Year’s resolutions and you know what? I think I might actually do it. Before I let you in on my goals, lets recap what’s happened over the last year. The most exciting place to start is in our traveling. Here’s a recap (in photos, because  read more

Slovak Christmas

Wahoo- it’s finally Christmas!  I just finished my last private English lesson (which Burke came along for since he had NO excuse not to) and now I am officially free. By the way, here we are.  I picked out this nice melon-colored shirt for Burke, coincidentally I also happened to buy a sweater the exact  read more

Parents’ Visit: Slovakia

After about four hours of driving out of Romania, we arrived in Kosice, the second biggest city in Slovakia.  It is a beautiful city with a huge downtown and a beautiful church right in the center.  The church also has a little brother church next to it.  Once while Burke was staggering along taking photos  read more

Life Update

Hi everyone! I feel so free now that I am no longer constricted to writing about our bicycle trip. Sure I could have gone out of order, but really, who does that? Now that I have this newfound freedom, I will give you a little update on our lives.  Upon returning from our bike trip, we  read more

No Means Yes

This post may look long, but its not, and there’s a surprise in it if you read all the way to the end:) It may be spring in your part of the world but we are actually still waiting on it here.  Maybe it’s that pesky volcano, but we have experienced a month long span  read more


Everywhere you look in Slovakia you can see things that are leftover from communism. The most obvious being the concrete block apartment buildings (we live in one) or the fact that every employer is required to pay at least a certain amount towards its employees’ lunch. My winter favorite though is not so much a  read more