Hi everyone!

I feel so free now that I am no longer constricted to writing about our bicycle trip. Sure I could have gone out of order, but really, who does that? Now that I have this newfound freedom, I will give you a little update on our lives.  Upon returning from our bike trip, we had about a week and a half of summer left before we started teacher-work at school.  We went on a few more long bike rides to cities around BB and enjoyed what summer weather there was left.

You can't tell we're up high, but there was a very steep climb to this plateau. Also note the lack of bags!

Mid-August we had to go back to work- that meant two solid weeks of painting for me.  I barely survived it, but just when I thought the paint would never come off my hands, it was time for school to start!  Zakladna škola Narnia has 5 grades this year, complete with a fresh batch of super cute first graders.  And of course all of my favorite students from last year are around too.

This is our friend Vierka's son Danko. He is just so darn cute.

Only two weeks into school I got deathly sick and stayed that way for at least 10 days.  I started getting better just in time for Burke’s Cousin Dale and Naresh to visit.  We traveled with them to Česky Krumlov and then to Prague.  The former is a beautiful little city near the southern border of the Čzech Republic with an amazing castle in the center.   It rained most of the time we were in Prague but we still had a great time and saw a lot of things we hadn’t seen before.   We had such a wonderful time with Dale and Naresh, not only hanging out together, but speaking English, riding in a car, and sleeping inside in a building.  You can see more photos from this vacation here.

This is us most of the way up the castle in Cesky Krumlov

?eský Krumlov at night from our hotel.

The view of the castle from our hotel room. So beautiful!

Post bike trip I’ve tried to remain healthy and it’s been working out for me for two reasons.  First, when I haven’t been sick I’ve been running (okay fine, it’s a pretty slow jog) but it is far enough and frequent enough to count.  And second, I discovered a couple months back that I apparently am lactose intolerant.  Suprise!  So combining that with my 13 year vegetarianism makes life interesting.  I generally think of it as half way to vegan, and you know what, I like it.  I’m shocked how much I don’t miss cheese.

Mirabelle plums that we picked on a bike ride. I pitted them, froze them and disperse them into my morning breakfast smoothies- so good!

Also in our lives, I am proud to say that we have a lot going right now.  The Youth with a Mission Dicipleship Training School (YWAM Slovakia DTS) started up again in September and we LOVE going to the open evenings on Wednesday nights.  Another night during the week we attend a group meeting that is doing a video series on How to Hear God’s Voice, equipped with a great learning opportunity, lots of prayer, and wonderful fellowship.

The last thing happening is that we are preparing for my parents’ visit.  We are so excited for them to come on October 25th (my dad’s birthday) and they will be here for almost two full weeks.  I hope that we can actually squeeze in all the things I plan for them to see.

I look forward to even shorter blogs in the future and of course sharing the details of my parents visit with you.