Lately I’ve been toying with the idea of making New Year’s resolutions and you know what? I think I might actually do it. Before I let you in on my goals, lets recap what’s happened over the last year.

The most exciting place to start is in our traveling. Here’s a recap (in photos, because I know you are only looking at the photos anyway):


Our first trip to Poland was with Burke's parents- Krakow, Wieliczka, and Auschwitz





Boom. Your not aloud to show any sign of public affection for the opposite sex. We snuck this in anyways.


Church of Annunciation in Nazareth. It's the largest church in the Middle east and one of the oldest in the world. They built it around the remains of the old church. Services are actually held in the original remains inside.


The site of Jesus' Baptism

Jordan River aka Jesus' baptism site

Me floating in the Dead Sea. The water was warm and the sensation is pretty unique. You can't really swim because your legs are so buoyant that you cant kick underwater.

Dead Sea



Red Sea

Aqaba (it is REALLY hard to pick one photo from Aqaba, it was so beautiful!)

Train ride through Serbia, it's a pretty flat country and despite what we heard, Beograd is quite beautiful.


Skopje had lots of dogs, but not as many as Greece.  This was a cute dog family we found though.

Skopje, Macedonia

This was near the top of the city.  Unfortunately, this church was closed so we couldn't look around... on Easter.

Thessaloniki, Greece

site of our first camping location



Campgrounds on the Baltic Sea.


Can you guess this one?


Warsaw old town walls


Česky Krumlov

This is the Jewish cemetery in Prague. If you look closely someone has placed a prayer on this rock.


Timişoara, Romania

Whew 15 different countries in 2010!  When I see the photos all lined up like that, I wonder how we had time to work or do anything but travel.  But we did!


So I better get these goals written down or they won’t be official- only sixn more hours until it’s New Years here!

Erin Julian (biker), Kristen Davidson (runner), myself (swimmer) Not pictured: Katie Raffel (cheerleader)

Think we can do it?  I hope so!