Same Same

As everyone knows, it’s a challenge to find an animal lover greater than I, and there are dog’s aplenty on the streets. However, on this particular day, I was very lucky to not only find a cat, but a cat that looked like my precious Nici!  read more

We’re here!

Well, good news: not only did we arrive in Thailand safe and sound, but we survived our first day! We spent the day getting settled, going through a quick orientation and hanging out with the staff and LWC team. I’ll write more later about what we’ve seen so far, but for now here are a few things I’m loving…  read more

Updates and things

Oh gosh… Um, hi there.  I feel like you’ve dropped in on me with a messy home and no advanced warning.  I’ve definitely been meaning to tidy up [the blog] for quite some time.  Not to mention our header says we’re in Slovakia and our photo marks our visit to Jordan; I guess a photo  read more

A trip back to Ohio and, OH YEAH, JoLyn’s wedding!!!

The week I have been waiting for is finally here!  Female readers rejoice along with me, guys get out your tissues, because my beautiful best friend Joro is getting MARRIED!!! JoLyn and I got the luck of the draw when we were paired as freshmen roommates; we continued living together throughout the rest of our  read more

Some call it “Re-entry”

I promised you a post on culture shock and boy are things different.  It’s evidenced right now as I’ve reduced what used to be one of my favorite hobbies –blogging– to typing out a post on my iPhone on my  morning commute. Culture shock number one: time. While we were in Slovakia and even India  read more

A New Beginning

I’ve been trying to chisel out some time to write a blog post, but somehow that hasn’t happened for what has turned into months.  I came across a surplus of time this morning by accident, thinking church started an hour earlier than it does.  Lucky for us both, I have time to tell you what  read more