Oh gosh… Um, hi there.  I feel like you’ve dropped in on me with a messy home and no advanced warning.  I’ve definitely been meaning to tidy up [the blog] for quite some time.  Not to mention our header says we’re in Slovakia and our photo marks our visit to Jordan; I guess a photo of us working at separate desks in separate offices is a little less enthralling so those will have to stay for now.

I have so many updates since my last post SIX!! months ago I don’t even know where to begin.

Oddly, I guess that about sums up the last six months.  Our lives are clearly less exciting now that we are stateside, but we are living it up nonetheless.

January- Berkeley’s summer? or fall?

Prettiest bride ever!

We are hoping to welcome Katie to the Bay semi-permanently soon. Prayers lifted/fingers crossed:)

NO blog post is complete without a photo of this guy.

Can you see what I’m saying or what?


Hats off to 2013!

In order to sell luxury vacations you have to take thoughts of Africa/philanthropy out of the equation altogether.

I think many of you know, but my grandma passed away in January.  This world has been a little less happy of a place since that day.  It breaks my heart to write this post knowing she won’t read it.  She was my biggest fan.

Ruth Swartzel, 1921-2013