In case you missed the news, we leave bright and early Friday morning to make our way back to the US for almost two full months. But unfortunately if you were expecting this handsome fellow to show up for a visit,


You’ve got another thing coming…

With that in mind, I wanted to share six helpful tips to try on your significant other if they, too, are supporting a growth of some sort.

1. Bribery. Usually this comes in the form of food. Examples worth trying:

2. Threats. When good old fashioned bribery doesn’t work out, it never hurts to fall back on some classic negative reinforcement tactics.

3. Accidental slips of the scissors.

4. Trickery.

5. Take away his beard-spiration (this is a real thing).

6. Hide the product.

If none of these tips work for you, don’t sweat it; they haven’t worked for me yet either. Regardless, we are excited to see you soon, beard and all!

NOTICE: There was an entire weeks worth of debate on whether I was actually allowed to post this blog or not. Burke finally agreed with just a few concessions. Also, he would like me to point out that sufficient bribery has not yet been used, but the right offer might make him change his tune.