I don’t know if you made your way through both of the sappy blog posts Burke and I wrote about each other, but we celebrated our five-year anniversary a few weeks ago. It’s pretty funny that we both composed a post in secret, but the real highlight of the event was that we got to go to a nearby island to celebrate. We haggled a bit to get a great price on the scooter we rented, which enabled us to get around to all the sights of the island. Below are some photos of what we got to see and experience during the weekend.

Burke enjoying the tranquility of the neighboring ebenezers.

I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say this was from the west side of the island.

I was so excited to watch the fire show performed by locals- it did not disappoint!

An unexpected highlight was this little gem we had the privilege of seeing on several trips to/from our hotel. We decided if I balled myself up and crouched next to this pig, it would take approximately five of me to equal his hefty frame. Also, pigs and dogs may be different species, but they can be family just the same. This pig is essentially the parent to the dog pictured here and his/her brother.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a decent photo of the two of us together either day, but I did snap a photo of this cool frog instead.

Here’s to the next five years!