A lot has happened since we last saw you! Prior to our departure for Thailand, our lives were going full-speed ahead, but to tell you the truth, things never really slowed down once we arrived. There are definitely ups and downs to our life here, and it is certainly less-glamourous than you may imagine, but one thing we always look forward to is a trip back home. All that is to say, we’re coming to see you! Our flights are booked and a general itinerary can be seen below (exact dates could be subject to change):

Sept. 5 – 10  Los Angeles
Sept. 14 – 24  San Francisco Bay Area
Sept. 24 – 25  Chicago
Sept. 26 – Oct. 12  Ohio
Oct. 13 – 25  Phoenix
Oct. 25 – 28  Los Angeles

As of right now we do not foresee another trip like this for a while, and due to the geographic limitations of family and friends we can not always promise we will be able make it everywhere. We really hope you can find time in your busy schedules to meet with us. We are also looking for hosts or places to stay while we are in the Bay Area and opportunities to speak to your bible study, home group, or church anywhere along the way. We’ve got lots of stuff we want to share we’ll update you all soon with more information about the things we have planed.

We’ll see you soon!

(now give us a hug)