Livingwater in Thailand

We are now 3.5 weeks into this new life in Thailand, and I feel like we are still figuring out what our time here will be like. It still feels like the team from our church just left; they were here for two weeks working with SHE, and everyone agreed they were an amazing team and made a huge impact. We tagged along on most of their activities and already miss them so much!  read more

We’re here!

Well, good news: not only did we arrive in Thailand safe and sound, but we survived our first day! We spent the day getting settled, going through a quick orientation and hanging out with the staff and LWC team. I’ll write more later about what we’ve seen so far, but for now here are a few things I’m loving…  read more

Big news and a new website

We realize there could be quite a few reasons you are here: You are still on our mailing list from our years in Slovakia. (High five!) You are actively involved in our lives now and have heard murmurings of a website but haven’t visited until now. (Welcome!) You popped over from social media to see what the hype is all about. (You probably thought we were going to announce a baby. Got ya!)  read more

Updates and things

Oh gosh… Um, hi there.  I feel like you’ve dropped in on me with a messy home and no advanced warning.  I’ve definitely been meaning to tidy up [the blog] for quite some time.  Not to mention our header says we’re in Slovakia and our photo marks our visit to Jordan; I guess a photo  read more