Welcome to BurkeandLizzie.com v3! We realize there could be quite a few reasons you are here:

  1. You are still on our mailing list from our years in Slovakia. (High five!)
  2. You are actively involved in our lives now and have heard murmurings of a website but haven’t visited until now. (Welcome!)
  3. You popped over from social media to see what the hype is all about. (You probably thought we were going to announce a baby. Got ya!)

No matter how you’re rolling in, we’re so glad you are here!  And we didn’t fully trick you because we do have big news.  Huge news!

On January first we are moving to Thailand! Until then, we are living in a tornado of emotions, boxes, and visits with friends. We’ll share periodically as we say our goodbyes, but it can be reasonably expected that content should start to flow once we leave the US.

To really stay up to date, we’d like to invite you to create an account. Having this level of security is our safety net for future work we may be called into. It will allow us to post the intimate details of what we experience rather than vague generalizations and abbreviations. Without a login you will still be able to see photos and read quirky tales of eating bugs (probably not), befriending little kids (hope so), and floundering as we try to learn to speak Thai (on the regular), but you will be missing out on the posts closest to our hearts – the entire reason we’re moving to Thailand!

I would love to end this post with a Thai salutation, but, shamefully, I don’t know a single one. Fortunately, I know someone who makes up for all of my shortcomings (and yours too) so I don’t have to focus on what I am lacking.

ลาก่อน (I looked one up, it means goodbye – yikes!)