If you heard anything about our summer, you probably know there wasn’t actually much vacationing going on.  We kept busy between working, visiting with family/friends, and trying to be a part of a church community.  It felt like the whole summer lead up to the last week we were in the US.  All in one day (Labor Day) we experienced the birth of a new little baby, Scarlett…

Scarlett Gage!

… and we went to an amazing wedding!

Scott & Mikki!

Burke finished out his last two days of work before we headed down to Fresno again and then onto Los Angeles.  Burke’s family had a going away party for us/ early birthday party for me.  It was very nice to spend a bit of time with them before heading out again.  Check back for our next post which will be all about the way we got back to Slovakia (Hint: it wasn’t just the normal plane/bus/train combo)!