2011: A Year in Review

This will be a hard post to write with no internet- I’m not able to reference last year’s post at all.  I can’t even say offhand what most of my New Year’s Resolutions were, but I do know I didn’t accomplish them all. Let’s start with a recap of what we did do! We went  read more

First week in India!

We’ve been here for a whole week now and it still feels surreal.  As I was editing photos I can hardly believe this is my life right now.  We are seeing amazing things and interacting with incredible people.  I’ll tell you more about what we’re actually doing on the other website, but for now, here  read more

November 2011

I was half-tempted to call this post “Random Things” or something to that effect (confession: the working title of posts like this one is usually “funny things that Slovaks do”). Sometimes these are my favorite posts, but other times they end up feeling kind of listy. I’ll tell you at the end which category this  read more

Round Trip Tour: Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic

At 5am tomorrow morning, Burke and I, as well as 10 others, will pack ourselves, our backpacks and our sleeping bags into two vehicles and begin our Heritage Tour of Europe. We will drive all day until we get to Rome and on Wednesday morning we will get to see the Pope!  After Rome we’ll  read more

No, Slovakia hasn’t eaten us alive…

Things are changing, things are changing.  Not only has Burke redesigned our website (do you like it?), but we are introducing a new page to our blog.  The YWAM page.  It isn’t currently, but very soon it will be password protected.  We’ll tell you why on that page, but please, please, please leave a comment  read more

“Autostop” in SK

Flying on September 10/11th was actually less eventful than one might expect.  Both of our flights were delayed due to malfunctioning planes.  I am thankful that they didn’t try to fly the planes despite the issues, but apparently we need to be wary of American Airlines flights (you know, in case some day we aren’t forced to  read more