This will be a hard post to write with no internet- I’m not able to reference last year’s post at all.  I can’t even say offhand what most of my New Year’s Resolutions were, but I do know I didn’t accomplish them all.

Let’s start with a recap of what we did do!

We went to 13 countries, only 3.5 of them were new though.


It was Burke's first time to Italy!

(our other new countries were Bulgaria and India:)!

Our neighbors

I did run 100+ miles during more than half of the months this year!

I didn’t make it an official goal, I didn’t really have a reason to, but I decided to be alcohol free for the year, and I did that with only two small special occasion exceptions.

As for goals we didn’t complete…  I never got to run in any races, we didn’t go on a bicycle tour and Burke is still working towards 100 consecutive pushups.  Those can be our first three goals for 2012!  (update: I also didn’t compile recipes!)

Other goals/ New Year’s Resolutions:

Get a good summer/permanent job.  Just like last year, we will go home upon completion of our program, but aren’t yet sure what we will do, and whether we will stay with it or return to Europe again.  Either way, I’d like to be as productive with my time (specifically in regards to my college loan) as possible.

I want to make a new friend.  Honesty at the undoubted risk of sounding pathetic.  While I love the life that Burke and I are living, it can certainly be lonely at times.

Exercise.  I’m good with exercising, but I really like to have goals.  I’m going to keep my 100 mile/month goal, but I already know that won’t happen until we return from India.  So during India, my goal is just to exercise 3+ days a week.

Ukraine. It’s Slovakia’s only neighbor we haven’t been to, so it should be an easy goal.  Yet it hasn’t happened during the last 2.5 years… (I’d also settle for Slovenia, Albania, Kosovo or Belarus.)

We went to Prague for our third time:)

I promise my next post will be about our daily life in India!  I’m really excited to share it, but if you want more of an update on what we are actually doing here in India please go to our the members only section of our website!