At 5am tomorrow morning, Burke and I, as well as 10 others, will pack ourselves, our backpacks and our sleeping bags into two vehicles and begin our Heritage Tour of Europe. We will drive all day until we get to Rome and on Wednesday morning we will get to see the Pope!  After Rome we’ll head to Assisi and spend the day there. Then we’ll go to Geneva, Switzerland, followed by Hurlach and Hernnhut, Germany. Finally, we’ll stop in Prague before making our way back to Banska Bystrica.

If what I just told you makes you think we are having way too much fun this time around, and you want to know what we’re really doing here, then I have good news!

After many free-time hours spent working on our website, Burke has finished the subscribers section. There is a backlog of content that will be published over the next two weeks about all the amazing things we have seen, heard, and learned since our return to Slovakia.

But first, a note from Burke:

There are two ways to view the content on our Subscribers page. First, upon your request, we can give you a username and password. You can access the page by clicking here or finding it in the navigation drop-down under Blog. Once there, you can enter the username and password as prompted.

The other way to access our posts is to subscribe by email. Simply enter your contact information and select that you would like to receive our posts as an email. Note: if you decide to do this, there may be a delay (1-14 days) in receiving these posts. If you prefer to stay more up to date on our adventures, you can request a username and password at any time.

Thanks for checking out our new page, we’ll see you on the other side of this trip.