When I finished working at camp, Burke and I spent a few more days in the Bay Area and then headed down to Fresno for a surgery that Lisa, my mother-in-law, was having. When she came home from the hospital, Burke had to go back to work for a couple days while I stayed and hung out with Lisa, Grandma Joanne, and my super cool flower girl/cousin Hannah. It was by far the longest time I’d spent away from Burke, but his family and I kept busy doing all sorts of fun things like baking cookies, ice skating, and a tiny bit of shopping.

Hannah is a pro ice skater. She gave me some tips to help me get back on the skates because the last time I ice skated was close to 20 (!!) years ago.

So far this weekend has been incredibly crazy! Good thing it is three days long, otherwise we would definitely never squeeze everything in on time. On Friday afternoon we rushed up to Berkeley for Scott’s (of Scott & Mikki) bachelor party. Burke had a great time, but the real party was with me cause I got to see my friend Jasmine! She’s getting her PhD at Berkeley in clinical psychology and I’m really proud of her. I’m also thrilled because that means she will be in the Bay Area for a very long time.

Today we are back in Fresno awaiting the arrival of baby Gage and we are EXCITED!

Tomorrow we are heading back to Berkeley for the wedding of Scott & Mikki. Even though they met long before I ever knew them, I take full credit for their wedding because Mikki caught my bouquet at ours!

Looking forward to their Labor Day wedding!

We have less than six days left in the US and we are quickly filling up every minute of it! We are seriously going out with a bang. Check back for a things-I’ll-miss-the-most/ things-I’m-the-most-excited-to-go-back-to post in the next few days (if you’re lucky, maybe I’ll even get some opinions from Burke, too!).