Hello Everyone!

It’s strange to write from the other side of the world; I feel like I”m writing to everyone I know in Europe now instead of the US.  But no, this post is just a quick update for anyone who will read it.

Burke and I made it in last night just a few minutes before midnight and were happily greeted by my parents.  Shortly after Niči was hand delivered to us.  We had a long drive home to Greenville and then eventually made it to bed around 3 before getting up at 7 to get ready for church.  We were so excited to go to EUM and experience church in English and it didn’t disappoint one bit! It would be really easy to make the list that follows pretty interesting from a “haven’t been in the country for two years” perspective. That said, we were really happy to wake up and have our first sights, sounds, and faces come from church. It was such a blessing to see all that has happened in the last two years since we left and to be welcomed with such love and enthusiasm for what we have been doing. Seeing EUM the way it is today is so representative of how active they are in both their faith and works.

So my first impressions of America…

There were some kids on our flight, and in my head I found myself sizing up their comprehension.  I was thinking,”So if I were to talk to these kids, exactly how much would they comprehend?  Everything? Do they have a limited vocabulary because they are children?”  It’s just so different!  On the same topic, it was so strange to hear EVERYONE speaking English at the airport.  I expected the ticket collectors and stewardesses, but I was always caught off guard when the security guards and janitors also spoke English.

The second thing we noticed was the humidity.  I didn’t really notice that it wasn’t humid in Slovakia, but oh man, did I ever notice that it is humid here in Ohio.

Next, we went to the grocery store and filled our carts with all the produce I’ve been missing.  You better believe we have three huge containers of spinach in the refrigerator right now!  What really caught us off guard at the grocery store was the amount of food everyone had in their shopping carts!  Everyone had carts lined to the brim, but it’s okay because there are bag boys at the end of the line to help bag it all up.  Along with that thought, it’s nice to be in a country again where not everyone is thin enough to be a super model.

Last thing, we went to a new-to-us burrito restaurant in town and each ordered one.  Mine has already been lunch for me and my dad, but the kicker is we’re not even half way through it yet.

Okay fine two more quick things.  I told Marley the dog (who is bigger than ever, if you were wondering) dole (down).  And, I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to live in Greenville.  It’s so nice to be here and just see people I know without having to set up times to meet with different people.