The Last Battle

Actually there’s no battle, no fight of any kind really.  This post is titled The Last Battle, because that is the name of the final book in CS Lewis’s Narnia series.  It brings the stories of Narnia to an end, just like our time at Zš Narnia is coming to an end. We’ve  had so  read more

Prvy April

I’ve had a little list going lately of what I want to tell you all.  The trouble is, my lists are always coded and eventually misplaced.  So when I finally compile my lists and sit down to write a post, I only remember what half of my chicken scratch abbreviations actually meant.  Regardless, here goes.  read more

Istanbul, Turkey

Believe it or not, I don’t think I have too much to say about our stay in Istanbul.  We had about 5 days there, did a variety of things and had much more than our fair shares of bakalava:) One thing I really loved about the city is how they drink tea so often.  Tiny  read more

Spring Break (part 1)

Despite it being Burke’s dream and Christmas present, we were not able to make Italy happen this winter.  Our plans fell through just one week before we were supposed to go, during which time I was in the hospital.  So when I came home that Monday afternoon I set to work straight away at rerouting  read more

Home & Recovering

I thought I had written about everything I could write on my hospital stay, but my last 24 hours proved to be more eventful than I anticipated.  Burke came to visit me on Sunday and brought along a delicious green monster.  Mňam (Yum)as they say in Slovakia.  He stayed with me through most of the  read more

Lizzie’s Hospital Confessionals: Episode 7

So I’ve got a couple more days of hospital time under my belt now.  It’s 1p.m. on Sunday and I just opted out of most of my lunch.  I probably would have tried to stomach a bit more of the mystery spinach liquid if Burke hadn’t promised to bring me a Green Monster:)  How lucky  read more