Narnian Activities

At Zaklanda škola Narnia, the first part of school focuses on nature and the big activity at the end of the unit was going to a forest, cleaning up any litter, and earning a small treasure for the kids’ good deeds.  It was a pretty rainy day, so instead we walked to some areas nearby  read more

Pát Boi: Swimming

Tuesday was my first day of Pát Boi, loosely translates as “five fight” but really is something much more. It’s a sort of P.E. class where kids get to practice five different sports over the course of the school year. Personally I think it’s the coolest class I’ve ever seen. Kids get to swim, skate,  read more

A Short Hike During School

This was written a few weeks ago when the weather was a bit nicer and when I wasn’t sick at the time. I thought it was a story worth sharing still and we could probably use some lighter news then that of our health so enjoy. One of the nice things about Bystrica is that  read more

Základná Škola Narnia aka What We Do

Well, we’ve been in Slovakia for two months now and you probably wonder what exactly we’re doing here.  I’m going to tell you.  We’ve been working at Základná Škola Narnia, or Narnia Elementary School, the school that brought us to Slovakia.  It is partnered with the Cirkev Bratská church in Banská Bystrica so Martina our  read more

Fourth Grade Economics and The Joys of Teachng

Let me start by clarifying something, I never wanted to be a teacher and when I left college that wasn’t really my plan either. I do, however, try to live a life that is in-tune to the Holy Spirit. So when I felt like God wanted me in Slovakia I knew my intended career path  read more

A Long Day Made Ok

Sometimes, even on a bad day, the look of joy found in an innocent child makes things feel a bit better. Today was a long day. One of those days you dreaded before it came and trudged through when it arrived. With about 45 minutes left, in my not so great day, I found this  read more