This was written a few weeks ago when the weather was a bit nicer and when I wasn’t sick at the time. I thought it was a story worth sharing still and we could probably use some lighter news then that of our health so enjoy.

One of the nice things about Bystrica is that a short walk in most directions will take you to the edge of the city and into a beautiful natural landscape. After zig-zagging through apartment buildings and crossing a busy street we came to a path that ran behind some buildings. A short distance later we left our path in favor of crossing over a makeshift bridge and climbing a hill. The trail up the hill was less than ideal. It was steep, rutted, and likely used more for rain run-off and wild animals than 45 mini sized human adventurers. It did, however, take us to the top of a rather beautiful hill. The pictures below show that from the top we had climbed higher then the tallest buildings in Bystrica. It provided a great view and when facing the opposite direction the sun was shinning through the clouds in a way that made it feel like God himself was reaching out to us. It was very beautiful and even though my nerves where tested with keeping the kids safe the views alone made it worth it.