End of school, beginning of summer

Well, we’re leaving for our summer holiday tomorrow morning. I guess I am long overdue for updating you on our lives. School finally finished on June 31st. The last week the kids went swimming in the mornings and had really relaxing afternoons. It made for some very slow days for us. Then we spent the  read more

Final Thoughts and Wishes

Friday was our last day of work at Narnia before Christmas break. I love Fridays because I go to lunch with the youngest kids, especially now that the girls of the class and I have finally begun to see eye to eye on the sitting arrangement. Previously, any given girl would point to herself, two  read more

The Last Month or so

Well, I know it has been close to forever since we’ve blogged (especially since Burke informed me it was Blog awareness month), but, believe it or not, I still feel like I don’t have much to say. Regardless, here I go. We celebrated Thanksgiving with the YWAM group in town and had an amazing time.  read more

The First Thanksgiving

Burke and I are off right now to a Thanksgiving dinner!  We will be eating with 26 other people of different nationalities all in Banska Bystrica (They are all connected to YWAM).  We are very very blessed to be able to spend our evening with such a wonderful and Godly group of people. Over the  read more

Fort Building: 101

What do you do on the rare occasion that you only have five kids to play with on a rainy day, build a fort of course. It has been nearly three weeks since I have been at Zaklanda škola Narnia on a Friday because of being sick. So when I was blessed with an easy  read more

A Day Like Any Other

Today seems to be a day like any other. The air is moist with a light fog shrouding my view of the hills. There is a threat of rain in the air that will likely never come. In a month this threat will change to snow. The lingering cold feels nice on the face and  read more