What do you do on the rare occasion that you only have five kids to play with on a rainy day, build a fort of course. It has been nearly three weeks since I have been at Zaklanda škola Narnia on a Friday because of being sick. So when I was blessed with an easy day of activities I welcomed the opportunity to have so few kids under my supervision. My three o’clock class started slow as, to be honest, I didn’t even know what to do with so few kids. I couldn’t think of any simple games that accommodated so few so I gave into the children’s request to build a “bunker.” After a few minutes of watching them feebly construct what looked more like five individual prison cells then a bunker or fort I offered my services. I made it clear that I would be the foreman in this operation and that to succeed they would all have to participate. We then systematically built a fort large enough for all five to stand and move in. At one point I stopped them to point out a potential structural problem which in the process of rebuilding showed them why it needed to be fixed. In all, the twenty minute construction faze yielded to an hours worth of fort fun. Below is a picture of the final product complete with it’s five inhabitants. I would say it was a pretty well built fort even for my standards. Although, if we could have built a second story I think it would have been better. Maybe next time.

Fort Building: 101