Today seems to be a day like any other. The air is moist with a light fog shrouding my view of the hills. There is a threat of rain in the air that will likely never come. In a month this threat will change to snow. The lingering cold feels nice on the face and in the lungs. The kids play in the newly incentivized playground for when they are good known as Sandy Beach. It’s a small park with a large hedge row hiding the view of a kindergarten. Most children at Zaklanda škola Narnia privileged enough to come to Sandy Beach have successfully navigated the many secret child sized tunnels that lay inside the hedges. The older class (blue) uses its time in the hedge to do things they could not normally get away with. This, like many childhood notions, is merely an illusion. It only takes a minute to walk the hedge row and gain a complete understanding of its transparent parts. These “windows” into the hedge row are all that is necessary for a teachers eye to know what the children are doing inside. For the younger kids (orange class) a teter-totter is all they need for twenty minutes of fun. It usually results in ten kids on one teter-totter trying to strand one side in the air. For the kids this play time is bliss, Running around trying to burn off their morning reserves of energy. For me, it’s a time to sit down and enjoy Slovakia from a park bench.

Sandy Beach