Pregnancy Update: 25 weeks

Can you believe we’re nearly rounding the corner to the third trimester? I certainly can’t, and I’m living with a baby on board daily – I can only imagine what it’s like to not see us in the flesh.  read more

Halfway to Baby

Being halfway to baby (20 weeks!) seems like the perfect time to share the photos I’ve coerced Burke into taking each week. I’ll be the first to admit, this line up of pictures leaves much to be desired. I really thought by now my belly would pop out! Really now Baby, it’s time to start giving me some credit and proving you exist.  read more

Baby’s Gender: You’re guess is as good as mine

As we’re approaching that exciting appointment wherein we get to discover baby’s gender, I thought I’d go through some of the typical gender predictions and see which ones come true. Anyone down the line, if the test is accurate, I’d say it’s a safe bet to trust it when you’re pregnant! ;)  read more

FAQs: Baby Edition

Thank you all for your excitement over our baby news! Needless to say, we are pretty darn excited too. We have loved getting to make the announcement in person, but we’ve noticed a trend of everyone asking the same questions. Don’t get me wrong for a second, I will gladly talk baby with you (even if it’s the same questions for the millionth time!), but we wanted to answer some of those questions for those of you who are still in the dark.  read more