Skopje, Macedonia + Thessaloniki Greece

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Train ride through Serbia, it's a pretty flat country and despite what we heard, Beograd is quite beautiful. Macedonian flag.  This is next to the bridge that leads from new town to old town.  Right on the other side is a market that is 1000 years old. Skopje had lots of dogs, but not as many as Greece.  This was a cute dog family we found though.
Train station at the border. LOOOOVED this dog.  he was HUGE! In Thessaloniki, we did a huge walking tour and this was near the beginning.
This was near the top of the city.  Unfortunately, this church was closed so we couldn't look around... on Easter. Bikecity. Little Burke by the city walls.
This was inside a monestary.  They had a cage full of 20 peacocks. Dog lair! I went around to the other side of them to take a photo from a different angle and found myself near the pregnant one and quickly realized the dogs didn't like that. yikes. I'm pretty sure this man was posing for me.
Gotta see some ruins:)   
Photos 1 - 13 out of 13 | Back to Albums
Description: This was our trip over Easter Break 2010.
Location: Skopje, Macedonia + Thessaloniki Greece