Israel: Jerusalem and Nazareth

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to the right is the largest cemetery in Jerusalem but judging by the size of it I can't imagine a bigger one in all of Israel. Mount of Olives
Lions Gate Lions Gate Temple Mount. Non-Muslims are only aloud on the Temple Mount between 12 noon and 1 o'clock.
Dome of the Rock Boom. Your not aloud to show any sign of public affection for the opposite sex. We snuck this in anyways.
Boom. Mount of Olives. Also, at space at the bottom of the picture is said to be the site where Jesus flipped over the tables of merchants selling goods within the temple. Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Church of the Holy Sepulchre A piece of the stone said to have sealed Jesus' tomb The Stone of Anointing, the site said to have been where Jesus was prepared for burial.
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Description: Part one of a two part trip through five countries in one week. Part two includes our trip through Jordan.
Location: Israel