I know sporting a baby bump can be the equivalent of wearing a sign that says, “Please, give me your thoughts on my body and advice on how to take care of it.” While I haven’t been overwhelmed or inundated with either, I have chosen to keep careful track of all of the advice I have gotten so I can share all the best tidbits I’ve heard. For the most part, it’s the same as I think I would have heard in the US, but there are some doozies mixed in too. These are all pretty much direct quotes, and I’ve opted to include a few that came from cultures other than Thai as well.

On the topic of saving money in preparation for baby:

On the topic of food:


On the topic of exercise:

Postpartum advice:

General advice:

Pretty fun, eh? If baby comes on time, I only have about another week of pregnancy advice. After that I am looking forward to entering the world of newborn advice!