Every time I visit Lizzie is seems like she has a plethora of stories to tell me about. I don’t know if it’s because she is pretty bored there and has no one to talk to or if hospital life really is that drastically different then normal life. I suppose that is why there are so many hospital TV shows. Regardless, the story continues below, enjoy.

Now that I have amounted a bit of sleep and had quite a few eye drops administered, I am able to open my eyes and check out my surroundings. I have two neighbors. On my left there is one lady with very short grey hair which stands up in about four different directions simultaneously, and on my right is another old lady with curly white hair who I think is rather hard of hearing.

The lady on my left is my best friend here, but it’s pretty easy to earn that status. Once when the bell rang, she tapped me and repeated what the loud speaker said: Ošetrenie. I’m still not sure what that means, but it’s something along the line of drops, rinses, creams, and the like. But she told me that word with a few other things to which I could do nothing but respond…

Me: Nerozumiem (I don’t understand)
Lady: Nerozumies? (You don’t understand)
Me: Hey. Nerozumiem (Yeah. I don’t understand.)
Lady: To je škoda. (That’s too bad.)
Me: Hey. (Yeah.)

So my BFF/neighbor is friendly despite our language barrier. She is also the reason that I figured out the other lady can’t hear very well.

Loud Speaker: Pod’te na obed. (Come for lunch.)
BFF: Pod’te Babi. (Come on, girls.)
Lady: Kvapky? (Drops?)
BFF: Naaaa Ooobeeeed. (For lunch.)

It’s really quite entertaining. We all took afternoon naps together, and at dinner when I turned around with my cafeteria tray to a room full of occupied tables, my bff smiled and I dined (on bread) with my besties.