Well, we had our first night last night in our new apartment. It was surprisingly pleasant considering the circumstances. The only furniture we have is our bed, so our sleep was nice despite the lack of curtains and the overlooking apartments. We also had an enjoyable picnic dinner on our floor utilizing our microwave and my lunchbox. The kitchen was supposed to be done by today, but it’s not looking too promising. All these things compromise the comfort of our apartment, but the real roadblock is that we don’t have hot water. Yikes. I’m just glad we figured it out before I went for a run. We’ll post photos of our apartment and the area once we are settled in.

In the meantime, this is a video that I finally finished from school. It is pretty cute.

Základná Škola Narnia 2009-2010 from Zakladna skola Narnia on Vimeo.