I know I am probably going to cut the number of possible visitors down significantly with what I am about to say but it is a part of Slovakia that appears to be different and thus worth noting. Slovakia has bugs, lots of bugs. Don’t mistake me, they are not abnormally sized. They are not extra gross or overly scary. They are just everywhere and seemingly inescapable. I seem to notice the flying ones the most. Generally, gnats, mosquitoes, and bees, lots of bees. But the reality is there are just copious amounts of all types of bugs. I am no stranger to bugs too. I am an Eagle Scout. I have spent a fair amount of time in the outdoors (at least more the average American). It makes me wonder why the American bug population goes so unnoticed. Are there simply less back home in California or more here. I suppose all this just adds to the already more rugged feel of Slovakia. That said, the weather has gotten considerably colder since I first arrived and noticed this. Thankfully, the colder months seem to be bring a less apparent bug presence.