With a high total population, a relatively small land mass, and space for farm land at such a premium in Europe its easy to see why there are such high population densities here. Add to the fact that cities here are built on rather old infrastructures that were later updated to suit modern needs and the problems European city planners face suddenly become even more apparent. One problem all motorized populations run into is parking and Banská Bystrica is no different. I found one persons funny and what would appear to be rather dangerous solution to this problem. One day when I was on my way to the market I noticed what looked like a car floating in mid-air. When I walked closer I found that it was parked on a very small platform that extended over the side of a steep hillside. The platform consisted of nothing more then a steel ramp for each side of wheels and a staircase. The picture below shows a bit of standing room that doesn’t really exist as I belive the owner purposefully parks with his tires on one side hanging off so that he can step in and out of the car. It all just seemed a little to tight for the average drivers day to day parking nerves. If the owner of this precarious “drive way” was to park an inch or two off on either side the car would simply fall off. I can only wonder if it has happened yet. Ingenuity aside, I’d say this person likes to live a daring life to say the least.

Yeah that's a steep hill. Don't mess up that parking job.