Over the weekend, Burke and I took our first bike ride in Banska Bystrica.  At the denouement of the afternoon we stopped downtown to have a drink before going home to dinner. While we were sitting we saw a group of people we knew walk by and talked to them for a minute before they continued on and then Burke and I sat talking about various things. After only a few moments I saw a rogue child wandering about in the small patch of grass immediately in front of our patio. After just a moment of investigation, he must have decided that the lamppost looked like something he wanted to claim as his own because he pulled down his shorts and peed right on it. I said to Burke, “Quick! Take a picture,” but the scuffle must have tipped him off because before Burke could get the perfect shot the kid turned around, knowing that he was clearly caught in the act, and let out a little growl. He scampered off to his parents and came back a few minutes later pointing at us from a distance. I was a little worried that he would accuse us in Slovak of being pedophiles, but his dad just laughed it off and waved his hand in our general direction.

Caught this kid peeing in a very public place. Kids here do that more then one would think. He wasn't to excited about me taking a picture of him doing it though, ironic.