Well here is exciting news. You may know that Wednesday was my birthday. And as our first married birthday and my golden birthday (23 on the 23rd) Burke felt the pressure to make it special. I tried giving him a few ideas but he came up with a superior idea on his own. Perhaps even you, reader, have noticed that I love animals. I keep an eye out for them, take photos of them, and even blog about them (I have at times also been known to frequent a website called The Daily Kitten). So in Burke’s good judgement he decided that my birthday present would be a kitten! After work on tuesday he said that we had to hurry because we had an appointment. We rode our bikes down Lazovná to a pet shop that we’ve walked by many times and even stopped in once. Burke said they don’t usually have kittens, but he went to several pet shops that morning asking for big fluffy kittens and this one said they could have them in a couple of hours. It was a little bit of a mean trick because there were actually two kittens to choose from and Burke told me it would just be one, but we sat with the kittens for twenty minutes to make sure the decision was sound. We picked the boy cat, I’ve always been partial to boys, but Burke liked this one better too because he was a little more affectionate and had a slightly flatter face.

This is Ni?i he is very cute!  He's about to close his eyes and fall asleep in this picture.  You can even see that he's leaning and about to fall over.

When we took him home, we found within the evening that we must be master pet owners because we instantly litter box trained him. He is a fast learner, a very good thing, since we want to eventually teach him to use the toilet. He doesn’t like spending the days alone, but he doesn’t make a mess of anything while we are gone. In fact, it seems like time doesn’t pass for him while we are gone at all. When we get home he eats, drinks, and goes to the bathroom as if he hasn’t done it once while we were away.

He loves cooking!

He loves cooking dinner!

I named him the Slovak word for Destroyer: Ničiteľ. We call him Niči for short which is pronounced Nee-Chee. I thought it was funny to name a kitten destroyer, but we’re finding that he’s quickly growing into his name as he relentlessly bites our fingers and toes. We’ll forgive him though cause he’s just that cute!

He loves playing!