Life as we know it: April 2015

We are so excited about our future right now. In the coming days our lives will dramatically and forever change for the good, so we wanted to take this moment of stillness to share a bit of what 2015 has looked like so far as a testimony to God’s amazing provision in the midst of this non-traditional life.  read more

The Homestretch

I know I’ve shared quite a bit recently about my pregnancy, so this post will be quick just to round out the last of the photos and other odds and ends. It’ll also be the last update, because there’s no way baby can stay in another five weeks!  read more

Pregnancy in a Nutshell

I’ve definitely heard before that every woman, every baby, every body, and every pregnancy is different, but, now that I’m finishing out the last days of month nine, I wanted to recap this whole thing and share a bit of what I’ve experienced vs. what I expected.  read more

How to be pregnant – Thai Style

I know sporting a baby bump can be the equivalent of wearing a sign that says, “Please, give me your thoughts on my body and advice on how to take care of it.” While I haven’t been overwhelmed or inundated with either, I have chosen to keep careful track of all of the advice I have gotten so I can share all the best tidbits I’ve heard.  read more

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 31-35

I think these last five weeks have been the most developmentally exciting weeks in the pregnancy. Baby has grown quite a bit and is estimated to be as big as six pounds and eighteen inches already!  read more

Rounding Third

A friend of mine recently posted a countdown to opening day for the Cincinnati Reds, and it just so happened to coincide pretty closely with baby’s due date. That said, baby’s rounding third and expected to make it home in just nine and a half short weeks! (EEK!)  read more