Vacation from Honeymoon part II: Montenegro

Towards the end of our honeymoon, Burke and I went on a trip to Montenegro.  It began as our driver raced his way down the coast until we took a much needed break from the winding roads. We stopped with a perfect view of the Bay of Kotor, the southern most Fjord in Europe (although  read more

A Vacation from our Honeymoon

If you had asked me during my stint studying abroad what my favorite thing about France was, I would have told you that it was being able to travel to other countries while I was there.  So of course, while we were in Croatia I made sure we took advantage of the opportunity to do  read more

The Pearl of the Adriadic

Burke and I have differing opinions about what was the best part of the honeymoon.  For Burke, he experienced it on the plane ride to Europe.  Usually large international flights have little televisions with music, movies, and games on the back of every seat.  With some effort you can sift through the sub par, dated  read more

Hvala Hvala Hvala

So Burke requested I give you a brief rundown of our last four weeks and one day; I’m not so good at the brevity of it, but I certainly will attempt to dispel any thoughts you may have had about us essentially falling off the face of the earth. A short two days after our  read more