Uganda Peas

A couple of weeks ago while working at the safe house, I tasted some incredibly delicious peas made by “Stacy.” I complimented her flavorful concoction profusely and asked her if she’d teach me.  read more

Channa Chat

A couple of months ago when visiting our Pakistani friends, they surprised us with a delectable little snack called Channa Chaat. It was spicy, crisp and an all-around party in the mouth. Abounding with compliments, we inquired as to how this salad of sorts was made, and our friend broke it down for us.  read more

Uganda Beans

Just stopping by to share a basic recipe that I learned from a couple of trafficking survivors.  read more

Parenting at 3 am

There’s much to enjoy in the wake of becoming new parents: enjoying new milestones, growing together and hanging out with sweet baby. We’ve also enjoyed laughing at the lesser-discussed moments which we’ve found can be quite entertaining in their own right.  read more